Theodor Moody is a semi-demented, life-weary, petty racist, and generally grumpy old man.

Yuki Rowley is a modest, patient, and kind-hearted Thai cleaning lady.

At first glance, these two people are irreconcilable opposites, but both have their fate lying in the hands of others, as Theodor’s family wants to forcibly enroll him in a nursing home, and Yuki is trapped in an abusive marriage.

And if any of them are to stand a chance, they’ll have to put their trust in each other.

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What reviewers are saying

Gran Torino turns supernatural – I enjoyed the relationships between Theodor and the cleaning lady. It was a quick read which kept me interested throughout the story.” – Amazon reader

This book runs through all the emotions, happy, sad, mad, and a little scared. I enjoyed reading it and believe you will, too.” – Goodreads reader

“Per Jacobson has a writing style that as you read you just want to know more, what’s going to happen next and how will it work. I recommend his books to all”Amazon reader