About Per Jacobsen’s writing process and his next project

Author Per Jacobsen's writing space

So, in this photo you can see Per’s nice little writing space. And you can actually see what his next book will be from this photo ;-).

Funny thing about Per’s writing process. He has lots af ideas for books and he’ll go around thinking about these and at a certain point, one idea just becomes really clear to him.
This is also around the time when he’ll sometimes get this far-away dreamy look when we’re sitting in our favorite coffee shop having our morning coffee. And I can tell that he’s thinking about that story :-).
He’ll start writing the first few chapters, and then he’ll start working on the cover image. It’s very early in the process, I know, but once he has a draft of the cover, I know that this is what the next novel will be.
From then on, that cover image will be his screensaver on his laptop and work as a motivator, and he’ll just continue writing that story every day.

So yeah, there’s no doubt that you’ll see some version of that image on this laptop on this next novel. It’ll come out later this year. That’s the plan anyway :-).

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