Blurb – The Mansion of Mirrors

Blurb - The Mansion of Mirrors:

Now I don’t want to get into trouble, so let me start by saying that this is a picture of Per Jacobsen’s debut novel which is NOT available in English yet. We’re still in the process of translating this very long novel, which is taking some time.

When I mentioned this book previously, a couple of you asked what the book is about, though.

So Per has translated the blurb which is as follows:

Blurb – The Mansion of Mirrors:

As a psychology teacher, Michael Bendixen is well aware that it’s not uncommon for people in grief to think that they see their deceased loved ones everywhere. Consequently, he tries to ignore it when he hears his dead son’s bright voice cut through the noise in the hallway of the high school where he works. He considers it a hallucination born from his grief. However, this reasoning is challenged as he is approached by a young girl who insists that she also heard the voice.
The girl is Lisa Vang, a seventeen-year-old high school student who, in the thirteen months since she suffered her own tragic loss, has had her own demons to battle, and the meeting between the two marks the beginning of a long and nerve-wracking journey that leads them to Urari—a parallel world to ours. A world in which mirrors reflect far more than just the observer’s physical traits.

It’s a very good book and I’m looking forward to when it’s translated and we can show it to you.

Have a great Saturday :-).

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