Michael Lucio – Narrator of The Strung Trilogy

Michael Lucio - Narrator of The Strung Trilogy

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Michael Lucio, who has narrated all three books in The Strung Trilogy as well as Dry.

Mike has a background in performing arts, and he is a full-time voice-over actor, working from his professional home studio.

We stumbled upon his profile while searching for a voice actor with that ‘likeable’ voice that Randall needs to have. I can’t even tell you how happy Per Jacobsen and I were when we received Mike’s sample narration, back when we started the process of making the audiobooks. At that point, we had heard quite a lot of samples, but no one had really gotten the rhythm right.
But Mike just nailed both the rhythm and the different voices – and the quality was flawless.

It was a no-brainer to have Mike narrate the entire Strung trilogy, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Add to that, he’s been so great to work with during the entire process.

We felt a bit bad that we had to look for another narrator for the Strung prequel (Rose’s Story), but this was only because we needed a female narrator for that one :-).

Mike will still be our go-to male narrator, that’s for sure. If you’ve listened to any of Mike’s work, what did you think?

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