Q&A – Per Jacobsen talks about the ‘Blanks’ in STRUNG

Q&A – Per Jacobsen talks about the 'Blanks' in STRUNG

It’s time for Per Jacobsen to answer another question :-).⁠


How did the adults in Strung become blank?


Well, to be honest that is a tricky question to answer as I always try to limit myself to only knowing what my main characters know at any given point in the story. I feel that adds to the ‘realism’ of the story. And since Randall never got that answer, never have I.

That said, I do have a working theory, which is that it’s a viral disease that arrived with the strange pods they found here and there. The same ones that brought the parasites.

The disease probably started out in gas form, infected adults in the close proximity and then spread rapidly from them. What we can say for certain is that it spreads very quickly and within a fortnight it’s changed the world.

That’s what I can give you right now. Maybe I’ll know a bit more once I get around to writing the Strung: Patient 0 story that keeps popping up in the back of my head.

– Per Jacobsen⁠


Thank you to Carly Lees for this question.⁠

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